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Moby Brick Book Cover

“People from the city hate people from the country and vice versa. People who are light skinned hate people who are dark skinned and vice versa. But like a room full of mirrors with God standing in the middle, we are all reflections of different aspects of God; some strong, some beautiful, some smart, some compassionate, and so forth. Thus we should celebrate our differences and not allow Satan to divide and conquer.”

- Moby Brick, Chapter 37

Moby Brick is an entertaining collection of short stories, essays, poems, and anecdotes that roughly outline the life of its protagonist, Brick (often compared to Kurt Vonnegut's A Man Without a Country).

It tells the inspirational true story about its author as he gets involved with drugs and drug lords; runs a pyramid scheme; becomes homeless and lives in a shopping mall; and ultimately, finds redemption on the streets of Los Angeles.

This page turner has struck the delicate balance between the creative and the commercial by expressing profound concepts in a "something for everyone" style, and focusing on keeping it short 'n sweet while remaining deep.

You never know what you'll get when you start a new chapter of Moby Brick other than the fact that the author always provides a spoonful of humor to help the reader digest some of the deep subjects he touches upon.

"I snitched on the mob, and all I got was this blood stained T-shirt."

- Moby Brick, Chapter 64